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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Mobile Drawing Studio Comes To Witton

You might have noticed some watery blue figures popping up over Witton last week, and filling the streets around Deykin Avenue School and along the River Tame. Well, the Mobile Drawing Studio was in town from Alabama in America and working with the pupils of Mr. Downes's class making river spirits.
We started off taking a walk down the river, taking a look along the way till it got greener and greener, and we could sit on the river bank.
Each of the children explored the river from the perspective of one of three animals, each of which is returning to rivers across the UK,including other parts of the Tame, and that we would like to see in our own urban rivers; the osprey, the bank vole and the speckled trout. The ospreys soared above the river looking for food, the voles liked to snuggle in their warm holes and come out to look for berries, and the fish swam through the cool water. We found that the animals didn't like the litter in the river, and wanted people to keep the water clean for them.

After the walk the class drew around each other and thought about what kind of message they would like to tell people about the river. The children put the messages on their pictures and produced some wonderful work, as can be seen below.

The Mobile Drawing Studio produced cardboard cut-outs from the children's drawings, painted them blue, and it was those that could be spotted all around the area last week.

Look out for more activities in Witton!

Thank you to the Mobile Drawing Studio and to Deykin Avenue School for a great day.

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