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Monday, 3 June 2013

Why Not Bring Back the Witton News!

Thank you to Fred Brookes for this 1952 copy of the Witton News. The surprising thing is just how many social activities were going on in the area; there were all the social events at the Magnet Club (dances, drama, discussion clubs and children's parties), plus rugby, football, chess, hocky, angling and so many more.

It was very people centred, sharing and celebrating the achievements in the area, as well as weddings and special birthdays. It was issued by the G. E. C. so also talked about the different aspects of that industry too.

It would be great to bring the Witton News back, especially considering that the notable Kynoch Press was situated in Witton as well- a world renowned printing press. The publication could include some of Witton's residents and local heroes, the activities in the area- including those over the next year linked with the flood defences and the Tamed project, some of the areas history and heritage, the memories of local residents, a 'Made in Witton' section, and much more. It could be a real local resource; a modern interpretation for the Witton of today, inspired by the Witton of the past.

I will get cracking! Any suggestions? Please post in the comment below or send me an email.

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