Artists and historians will be exploring the Tame and the area around, and the individual journeys through Witton and Perry Barr of residents past and present. There will be lots going on, including events, workshops, printed work and exhibitions for the whole community to get involved in.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Meanders of the River

Not our Tame, I know, but this beautiful map produced in the 1940s by Harold Fisk represents the previous meanders of the Mississippi. I was looking at some of the lost meanders of our own River Tame here, and thinking of ways to record previous routes of the river and waterways. Hadn't invisaged anything as spectacular as this though.

Fisk, 1944. Map of ancient courses of the Mississippi River, Cape Girardeau, MO - Donaldsonville, LA (Plate 22-10)

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