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Thursday, 6 June 2013

All That's Left of Kynoch's and IMI

Whilst walking down Wellhead Lane on Tuesday I came across this tumble-down building and wondered what it could have been, but on a tour of Witton and Aston by an Aston resident (Dave, who has been a really great help with sharing his memories) I found out that this was the rear entrance of Kynoch's. Everyone who remembers Kynoch's tells me that the site was like a town in itself; there was a power station, dentists, doctors, vehicles that never left the site, and each building had bikes to get around because it was so vast. I will put some maps up to show how massive the site was, but for now I will just say that it was big- really, really big.

It seems so strange then that it has all gone, and until I found this building I thought that it had completely disappeared; so this ragged, peeling building is all that is left of what was a company that was world renowned, and supplied the world with its multitude of goods. It seems a shame then, that it is just being left for nature to slowly creep up and help it to finally be unsaveable. So I thought I would take some photographs of the state it can be found in today, with many of the traces of its industrial use, which have a charm of their own. There are more photographs to come.

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  1. This building was once occupied by Birmingham Cable Communications as I worked there as an engineer 1999-2003, many fond memories of such a huge site. One house was our depot/office and one nearest the railway was an exchange room. Remember the medical centre infront of us with the big stone lion that once proudly stood there! Happy days, now all gone.