Artists and historians will be exploring the Tame and the area around, and the individual journeys through Witton and Perry Barr of residents past and present. There will be lots going on, including events, workshops, printed work and exhibitions for the whole community to get involved in.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Made in Witton #2

Kynoch's (later ICI and IMI) was a huge part of Witton, in regards to its size, the amount of people it employed and its industrial output. It began making ammunition in the 1860s, but grew and diversified over the decades producing bikes and motorbikes, zips, engines, paper, metal products, lamps, and the list goes on. The video above shows a portable gas engine working that was made in Witton, and below is a trade image of a similar oil engine from 1904.

If anyone has any memories of working in Kynoch's, or any other places/events in Witton or Perry Barr, that they would like to share with the project, please let us know.
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