Artists and historians will be exploring the Tame and the area around, and the individual journeys through Witton and Perry Barr of residents past and present. There will be lots going on, including events, workshops, printed work and exhibitions for the whole community to get involved in.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Life by the Tame, Past and Present

We would like to hear about your experiences of living and/or working in Witton and Perry Barr and which sites in the area are particularly meaningful to you.

To begin the Tamed project we initially would like to talk to people, businesses and organisations about their experiences of living and/or working near the River Tame and the areas around, and which local places or ‘sites’ are meaningful to you. They can be in the past or present. The memories and experiences that are collected will inspire, inform and be included in artwork created in the local area.

A site could be home, street, place of worship, workplace, shop, school, sports area, play area, park, social place, vehicle, or even an event, festival or fair. Which of these are meaningful to you?

Try and think what the experience of being in and/or using your chosen site is like. Where is it? What does it look like? What does it sound like? Are there any smells that you can think of? What does it feel like to be there? What happens there? Does it still exist? If it doesn’t, how do you feel about that? If it does, how would it feel if it disappeared? Why is it important to you? Do you think other people think that its important? What other connections do your memories have with the site?

Your experience can be written down or spoken. It can be the experience of one person or a group. It can be in any language. We would like to come and collect your memories and experiences of local places.

If you have a story to tell please email

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